Sleep Inn & Suites

Completed 2003 & 2008


Are you just building a home? Or maybe you're remodeling an existing room. Cal-Dak will create custom cabinets to fit your need.


Cal-Dak is certified in 27 different states and can create custom designs to fit your business needs.

Who we are

Cal-Dak has been in business since 1975, and has built and installed residential and commercial cabinets in 27 states and Japan. In the early 1980's, we expanded into commercial casegoods by supplying cabinets for the Flying J Travel Plazas throughout the United States. Our company's reputation for timely delivery and no call backs led to a strong relationship. Since that time, we have produced commercial casegoods for hospitals, banks, retail stores, colleges, intermediate schools, and the United States Military.

Disclaimer: We are not KCMA certified. Packet Request